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Cat Litter Concealment

Tired of that open, messy cat litter pan? Or maybe you live in an apartment and you want to hide that plastic litter pan. Well here is the solution to your problem. A Cat Litter Concealment Cabinet. We have one that will fit your home decor. Either a raised panel or flat panel version with the opening on the right or left side. Also you have a choice of Natural, Cherry,Espresso or Walnut. Made from solid ash(even the flat panel is solid ash, not plywood veneer), the floor is melamine for easy cleaning and made to last for years of use. A removable carpet is provided to catch the litter as the cat exits the box. Arrives assembled. The lid is detached to prevent damage during shipment so there is minor assembling when it arrives. Plastic litter pan, litter scoop and box of liners are included.

Concealment Cabinet Open

The inside has a removable carpet floor so when the cat exits the box, they leave the litter on the rug and not outside. The scoop is provided and attached on the lid for easy access. Pan also included.

Many of our products are designed through customer requests, our side access door can be used as an end table, TV stand, etc. and it is ideal for apartments. This cabinet has the same dimensions as our top opening model and comes completely assembled.Raised panel Walnut stain shown.

Concealment Cabinet Open

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